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Smiling Friends

You are your own fairytale

June 7th - 9th 2024     #BRINGITANDBURNIT

2023 Women's Event

For Information call: 417-344-3897 or book online.

Painting Wall

About the Event

 Closing doors can be just as hard as opening them. We would like to invite you out to the resort for a fun filled weekend of burning the dress or whatever else you need to burn or tear down.


Maybe it's been a long term relationship full of broken promises and broken hearts lets take the weekend to put the past in the past and not try to grow our future in regret. Because nothing grows there ever. You don't have to be single to participate in this event. THIS EVENT IS FOR EVERY WOMAN! Maybe you feel like you're JUST a mom, or JUST a wife, JUST a college student trying to figure out life. Maybe you think you are JUST single  forever....GIRL YOU ARE NEVER JUST ANYTHING. YOU ARE THE WHOLE PACKAGE AND WE WANT TO CELBRATE YOU! Lets do the things that help you let go!

bring your own pool
out door movie
girl fun

Friday The Fun Begins

Check-in Begins at 12 Noon, but really just get here when you get here! We're flexible! Schedules are for people who are trying too hard  at this point in their lives, With this event we're trying to save our sanity, I mean, isn't that why we're all here.

BRING YOUR OWN BLOW UP POOL!  (No better fun than a little pool time and an outdoor movie!) If you are camping and wish to set your pool up at your campsite, we have a mobile water tank that we can come  help you fill your pool!

Movie Starts at 8:30 'ish! Out door movie of choice is "Fried Green Tomatoes" . We will be of course Barbecuing and making Fried Green Tomatoes for the event.

Mingle Mingle  Mingle!

Saturday Heat and Sear

10:00 am: Brunch , Nothing heavy, gotta' get ready for that photo shoot! You are free to eat with your group, or may join us at the main building for morning Mimosa's. The first Mimosa is on us. 

12:00- 3pm : Photo Shoot  - The theme is trash the dress or starting over, or whatever you need it to be. These are your photos. If you need to get to dressed up and feel like a woman again, then that's what you do. If you want to feel playful or dangerous, do that. This weekend is all about you!

5pm: Ax Throwing - Slash it and Trash it. If you brought a dress or maybe his favorite sweat shirt, an old picture, a photo album; maybe you just need to throw a few sharp objects at a tree....we are going to take some time to let you get it all out. Then....EVERYBODY SCREAM!!! Not literally but if you need to, go right ahead. We might scream with you.

8 ish! -  You'll find these times are more suggestions! BBQ and potluck. 


Whatever you got! Old pictures, clothing, That mixed tape you made back in the 80's when you were writing his last name with yours during study hall. If it's a dress that was the perfect fit that now haunts you at night, LET'S LIGHT IT UP!

Mingle Mingle  Mingle! Yeah, GO MAKE FRIENDS!

ax throwing
trash the dress
bring it and burn it
girl trip

Sunday Soaking in the Sun

10:00 am: Brunch , Grab a quick brunch on the go and of course, Mimosa's! Pack up the coolers and get ready for the River.

11:00 am : Anchors Away  You can expect to be on the river a total of about 4+  hours depending on stopping time to play on the river.

5pm: Not goodbye, See you next year! Hopefully by now you have made some pretty great friends and some pretty great connections. We hope  to you see you again in 2025!


Make sure to ask about Group  Discounts.   Call: 417-344-3897 

Each Cabin has 4 full size beds for groups.  / Glamping Tents hold two queen size air mattresses. Generators are allowed for all camping. You may bring campers, but you will need a generator and self contained tanks as we do not have hook up sites at this resort.

Make sure to follow and like our event for updates.
We offer one day tickets for those that can't get away for the weekend! Life is hard and we want you to know that we understand.  What a beautiful mess you are! 
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Ask Us About Group Discounts

Tickets are $175 for the weekend or $87.5 for the day.

pink ticket_edited.png
Weekend Packing List:
  • BYOB OR BYOW (Must be 21 or up to drink and no glass containers)

  • Coolers, snacks and enough for a three hour float for Sunday

  • Cheep blow up pool or kiddy pool ( if you don't have one, let us know and we can make arrangements for you or your group)

  • All you're personal stuff

  • Items for your photo-shoot

  • Bring it and Burn it items. (Please make sure it is not chemicals or explosive items)

  • Swim suit, towels, beach wear

  • If you are staying in a Glamping Tent you will need all camping items. (Glamping tents will hold two queen size air mattresses). Generators are allowed for campers  for both primitive and Glamping campers. 

  • Bring your friends! (Group Discounts Available)

  • Bring the Fun!

  • Dinner both Friday and Saturday Night will be provided by Coastal Country Resort. 

  • Brunch both Saturday and Sunday will be provided by Coastal Country Resort

  • Photo's from the photo shoot will  be available for download online and all guest will be given a password to access their photographs.

  • All guests will sign liability waivers and media waivers for the weekend. ( A media waiver is not mandatory if you feel it is a safety issue for yourself ).

  • Coastal Country will have Security at all events.

  • Guests will not book their own floating for this event as it is included in their ticket cost and will be booked by Coastal Country. Please let the resort know if there are groups or special requests.

  • All guests will require arm bands have to present ID for the purchase or consumption of alcohol.

  • Guests staying at the resort for the HNH Event will receive a 10% discount of their lodging. Other discount may apply.

We Hope you leave with less then you came with!

In the same way that gold and silver are refined by fire, the lord purifies your heart by the test and trials of life
Proverbs 17: 3
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