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Experience the Niangua

The Niangua River Area flows for miles and travels through many areas of entertainment. Though you may be staying at Coastal Country Resort, don't forget to venture and explore what the area has to offer. From dining at The Lake Of The Ozarks, to renting a boat for the day, you can also find well known State Parks like Ha Ha Tonka just 30 minutes away. If you wish for a more romantic themed outing, Seven Springs Winery in Linn Creek is moments down the Hwy 5 off the Y exit on your way to the Lake.

Area Entertainment and Tourist Attractions


Big Bear Bands & Karaoke

All Coastal Country Guests with armbands may attend all Big Bear Events Free of Charge.

Take the Bus

Coastal Country Riverside Resort will run scheduled tours to and from the resort to Seven Springs Winery on the weekends. To book a day at the winery please call 417-844-2140

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